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We are a UK based company who have been supplying rides to Corporate Events for the past 24 years and we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service with a personal touch.  We have become known in the industry for supplying quality rides at competitive prices and most of all we are known for our reliability.  We are proud of what we do and when we have regular events year on year with one particular event we have done every year for our 24 year history and now have dates for 2018 which will be our 25th event in a row this we see as a testament to our service and reliability.

Today we take delivery of our brand new item, it was due to be here a few weeks ago but it was delayed at the manufacturers,  so they lent us a stock one to use for the day, as soon as ours is out we will change the picture.    The helter skelter is fun, safe, and the children loved it, on top of that it looks impressive as well.





Our Brand New inflatable

In our 24 years, we have and continue to supply rides to a wide variety of events and these have included; Private Parties which includes Birthday Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvah events along with our corporate customers who we have supplied with rides for Company Parties, team building events, Christmas parties and firework events.  We have put rides in all types of black tie events and Summer Balls for Universities, a variety of events for our Armed Forces plus Rugby and Football Clubs.   We have also been hired to supply rides and equipment to public events like Eid festivals, County Shows and School Fetes.  There are also many times we have supplied rides to Celebrities which we won’t name but it includes 2 parties for members of the Royal Family at Windsor, various football players parties and weddings and christenings for different TV personalities.   We have worked at many filming events, from motion pictures to adverts and a we have worked on EastEnders more than once. In fact, I struggle to think of an event where a funfair ride would not enhance the event.  What we do not do is public fairgrounds, where they set up on a local village green and charge the public to go on rides.  For this you need a travelling funfair company not us.

Booking a ride is not always a simple task, these rides come on big lorries or in the case of children’s rides they are towed by small lorries or a 4 x 4.  This is one of the many things you need to know and we will need some information as well, so we have put together some fact sheets for all the most popular rides which hopefully gives you most of what you need to know.  However you can always email or call us if you have any queries or unusual requests or questions, we will try and respond straight away.  It is important to us that you book the rides you would like or that are the best for your event and will be happy to walk you through the entire booking process.

Our Ventura Simulator

14 seat simulator parked in our yard











We bought this rodeo bull last season and it will form part of a package.

Rodeo Bull

Rodeo bull






For many years we have been saying to be aware of certain companies as their websites are offering rides “from” and stating a price please be aware of them, in the top 3 search engines I’ve seen dodgems advertised “from £1,500”  from another company this is not the case and most of the time they do not turn up, we know that for fact as we get the calls within a week of the event where they have been let down.  Unfortunately it is a very common practice, we get about 30 events a year who come to us for a quote but book cheaper elsewhere and then a high number of them come back to us within 2 weeks of their event as they have just been let down.  Please do your homework I have just done a search and located quite a few companies giving false addresses of their company claiming to be suppliers of rides for X years or stating they have many offices all over the UK but just having a mail address.  Its not right and should not be allowed, Premier Rides may not have been around hundreds of years like some “claim”  however Corporate Events were not around a hundred years ago and the fact their grandfather set up a local funfair on a village green holds no bearing on the quality ride you need today.

Why book with us? there are many people offering rides so what makes us special?   Well there are many reasons but mainly we are the only company in the UK that exclusively deal with funfair rides for private & corporate events, we dont work office hours as we can be contacted 24hrs a day in the summer,  any questions or problems we will answer them for you, Mandi Lucas who is a Director will deal with you, she will quote you, contract you and invoice you and if you have a problem she will be there day or night to help you, what you cant get anywhere else is that personal touch we give to every booking.  The rides are mainly ours and built by our teams who go from one event to another, we know where they are, how to contact them and will tell them when you want them there.    As we don’t offer other items like marquees, toilets, security etc, it means our time is spent doing what we do and we do it very well, and are proud to say we been doing it 24 years so far. 


Top of the Astroglide

This picture was taken 9th July 2016 and it is taken at an event we have done for 24 years in a row for this company, we first did it the year we started and they have booked us every year since, we are so proud of this and thank them for letting us be their supplier of rides for all these years.  

In 2017 we had another 100% attendance rate, all of our rides arrived, set up and operated without any problems and we attended some great events.      



astro 4Astroglide all ready to depart for a school event we have done for 4 years in a row, this has just been fully painted and is all complete.




the sun

We made the Newspapers, page 7 on The Sun, shame they didnt wait until we had finished building the ride, this was one of many celebrity events we have done, this famous Eastenders actor got married and  we were pleased to supply the rides,




If you want value for money and a package for children then our Childrens package is right for you, 8 big items, manned, powered, set up for your event for one low price, and for a limited time we will add another item free.  The full details here.

We did say 15 years ago that if you can get an exact match of this package elsewhere we would do it for you free, so far we have not had anyone claim that challenge as it doesn’t matter who offers their package.  Our package for 2018 will be out soon

Our Stalls for Eastenders

Our Stalls for Eastenders Children in Need.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and you will see why we are the UK’s leading supplier of fairground rides and equipment.





To see what our customers say about us read our  Reviews page



Dodgem car


There are many ride suppliers out there so “Why Book with us?”

  1. We are the only UK Ride supplier that is dedicated to supplying rides only, That means we devote all our time to this.
  2. We are the only company who has a manned office 24 hrs a day in the summer, and 10 hrs in the winter.
  3. We have a fixed published office address and we do not run our business from the cab of a lorry.
  4. We do not claim to own rides we do not have, yes we own rides and yes we bring rides in from other people but only those who we have been working with for many years.  In fact we are now working with the sons of showmen we used to work with.
  5. We have fixed prices on all rides and offer great discounts and packages.
  6. We will not let you down.
  7. We offer the largest selection of Rides and there are some rides you can only get from us.

How many of our competitors can say all the above?

Dodgem car



 Price is important but reliability is even more important and if someone is offering rides very cheap rides ask why


Climbing up the Rockslide




Our selection of rides are for both adults and children.





 Some pictures from our  previous events