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 Please be aware of certain rules of the Showman's Guild, you would not believe them, we are not members of the Guild but are members of  The Association of Independent Showmen,  it has the same high standards without the restrictive rules. To read these silly rules which may prevent you from having rides read here

We have fairground and funfair rides for hire to suit all budgets and events. Popular fairground rides like Dodgems, Carousel, Waltzer, Simulator, Helter Skelter, Miami Trip, Twist as well as a good selection of  Children's Rides, Cup & Saucer, Mini Carousel, Chair O Planes, Toyset and inflatable's. We also have a selection of 7 items called the Children's Pack and if you book this for 2014 you get a 35ft galleon free.

Funfair Rides and Attractions for hire at a wide variety of private and corporate events.

Our 20th year running this company comes to an end we have been busy, the last few years have been good 2012 ended with a booking for our children's carousel on BBC1 Eastenders, 2013 exceeded all records with some fantastic events and some for very well known people a Royal Party as well as our 5th Virgin Staff party.  - see what is being said about us on our reviews page click here

Premier Rides are the UK’s only specialist supplier of individual rides and packages for Corporate and Private Events.  We have the largest selection of rides found anywhere in the UK plus some equipment you can only get from us. All equipment is either owned by us or supplied through one of showmen we work with on a regular basis, and 90% of the rides on this site are ours.

2014 is the worst ever for people being let down (not by us) - In May we helped 11 events who were let down, 3 we couldn't help,  -June we had 15, but the last weekend was the worse, on the Thursday night we had a call from a very upset lady, she has booked 7 items - dodgems plus a few other bits from a certain for the Friday eve in Somerset, she had a call to say the ride had “broken down” on the motorway, oh and the other items wont be coming either, fortunately I had a set of dodgems nearly ready for the Saturday event so we pulled it down from my event and put in hers and returned it Saturday in time to do my event. The same company also let down a school down Nr Bristol, an event we quoted for and had a ride ready, but they booked him so we took another event and couldn't help them. There must be a few rides parked on motorways as another event in Bucks same weekend were also told their carousel had broken an axle on the road and wont be coming, all excuses but we helped there as well putting in 2 rides. In June we also have had a dodgems let down in Greenwich, we did a Cambridge college with 24hrs notice after Irvins called them to say their rides were not coming, a 40th birthday party in Hampshire who were told their dodgems had double booked. We were unable to help another event in Dorset and a school in London who booked 2 children's rides, they did come to us for a quote originally but found a ride cheaper elsewhere.    If you are looking around please don't go for cheap, cheaper rides are not the best.  What is common when you book a certain ride the person you have booked with doesn't own that ride and rather than give the work to someone else he tells you the day before the ride you wanted has broken down but has another ride on standby, his ride that he wanted you to have all along.


We offer great discounts and free rides for multiple bookings, so if you need just one single children’s roundabout or many rides please contact us or fill in the quote form.  Whilst we may not be the cheapest, our prices are fixed you will get the exact rides you want as long as they are available.  You can contact us now 24 hrs a day until the end of September.  We will always be on the end of a phone day or night to help you and answer any questions you may have.  

Watch this space for an announcement soon   

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We have done many TV shows, music videos and adverts, our latest is for clarks shoes.

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