Welcome to our website, we hope you find all you need to know, but if you have any questions please feel free to call us.

Our Ventura Simulator

Booking a ride is not a simple task, there are many things you need to know so we have put together a fact sheet for all the rides which gives you all the answers and asks the questions we need to know.  if the chat button is showing it means we are on the other end of the computer to answer any questions you have, so you can ask there or drop us an email with your requirements and we will get back to you.

For many years we have been saying to be aware of certain websites offering rides “from” and stating a price please be aware of them, in the top 3 search engines ive seen dodgems advertised “from £1,500”  this is not the case and most of the time they do not turn up.  We have not even got to the busy time yet and people are being let down.


If you are having an event and require Fairground rides you have come to the right place, as we are now at the early part of being busy ride quotes may take longer as we need to make sure its available before we quote you.  if it is not available we will tell you.


Our Review of 2015 we had another 100% attendance rate, all of our rides arrived, set up and operated without any problems and we attended some great events.  We did a family fun day for a high street bank for the 21st year in a row which we are really proud of.

2014 was a special time for us as it was our 20th year, we had a great time putting a ride and stalls in Albert square for Eastenders again and we did our 2nd Royal event as the year before we supplied the rides to one of the royal family Birthday Party.


astro 4



Astroglide all ready to depart for a school event we have done for 4 years, this has just been fully painted and is all complete.




Our Stalls for Eastenders

Our Stalls for Eastenders

Sky Dancer all ready to go

Sky Dancer is very popular


Call us today to discuss your requirements and you will see why we are the UK’s leading supplier of fairground rides and equipment.
To see what our customers say about us read our  Reviews page



Dodgem car


There are many ride suppliers out there so “Why Book with us?”

  1. We are the only UK Ride supplier that is dedicated to supplying rides only, That means we devote all our time to this.
  2. We are the only company who has a manned office 24 hrs a day in the summer, and 10 hrs in the winter.
  3. We have a fixed published office address and we do not run our business from the cab of a lorry.
  4. We do not claim to own rides we do not have, yes we own rides and yes we bring rides in from other people but only those who we have been working with for many years.  In fact we are now working with the sons of showmen we used to work with.
  5. We have fixed prices on all rides and offer great discounts and packages.
  6. We will not let you down.
  7. We offer the largest selection of Rides and there are some rides you can only get from us.

How many of our competitors can say all the above?

Dodgem car


We supply many events with one ride and others with multiple rides, every event is different, and every event will get our personal attention no matter how many rides you book.  If you would like a quote just call us or fill in the quote form.  Whilst we may not be the cheapest, our prices are fixed you will get the exact rides you want. We will always be on the end of a phone day or night to help you and answer any questions you may have.

 Price is important but reliability is even more important and if someone is offering rides very cheap rides ask why


Climbing up the Rockslide


Booking a ride is not easy, you have to get the right ride for your event and budget, we will not just take the booking and arrive on the day, if this is your first booking you will be given fact sheets on the rides so you know what is expected, we do site visits for tight places and make sure everything is in place to ensure the booking goes easy.  We dont ask for money upfront we ensure deposits and contracts are in place and on your second event with us you can pay us after the event.


Our selection of rides are for both adults and children.





 Some pictures from our  previous events