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cup & Saucer roundabout

 Please be aware of certain rules of the Showman's Guild, you would not believe them, we are not members of the Guild but are members of  The Association of Independent Showmen,  it has the same high standards without the restrictive rules. To read these silly rules which may prevent you from having rides read here

We have fairground and funfair rides for hire to suit all budgets and events. Popular fairground rides like Dodgems, Carousel, Waltzer, Simulator, Helter Skelter, Miami Trip, Twist as well as a good selection of  Children's Rides, Cup & Saucer, Mini Carousel, Chair O Planes, Toyset and inflatable's. We also have a selection of 7 items called the Children's Pack and if you book this for 2014 you get a 35ft galleon free.

Funfair Rides and Attractions for hire at a wide variety of private and corporate events, see our list of rides some are totally unique to us.   

As we start 2014 which is my 20th year running this company you can see we have been busy, 2012 was a good year even though it was wet but it ended with a booking for our children's carousel on BBC1 Eastenders, 2013 exceeded all records with some fantastic events and some for very well known people and a royal party as well as our 5th Virgin Staff party and as 2013 ended yet again we can say all of our rides arrived and operated without any problems. (Can our competitors say this?)

I say this every year,to search for rides for hire is easy and a gamble, showmen are great people but like any business there are a few who are not interested in a service or reputation they just want your money, and will take any booking and sub it out or swap rides, or as a better event comes in just not bother to turn up.  We know this as every year people call us who have been let down and there will be about 30 this year that will do the same thing.  Reputation is important to us and providing the right ride at the right price is what we have done for 20 years otherwise a well known large high street bank who has had a staff party for 19 years in a row would not have booked us to supply their rides every year.  Please if you are looking around don't go for cheap, cheaper rides are not always the best and they are certainly the most unreliable, as the summer months get closer and people are offering higher prices for rides, there are already people taking bookings and advertising it on social media.  This is not fair as the person who booked thinks they have their ride secured and the ride is of high quality when in reality they haven't got the ride and it could be anyone doing it. Key sign of the unreliable websites is simple they don't have an address on their website.

Premier Rides are not a travelling fairground company we do not do fairgrounds we are the UK’s only specialist supplier of individual rides and packages for corporate and private events.  We have the largest selection of rides found anywhere in the UK plus some equipment you can only get from us. All equipment is either owned by us or supplied through one of the many reliable showmen we work with on a regular basis, and 90% of the rides on this site are ours.

We offer great discounts and free rides for multiple bookings, so if you need just one single children’s roundabout or many rides please contact us or fill in the quote form.  Whilst we may not be the cheapest, our prices are fixed not as others say “from” and we don’t use a PO address, you will get the exact rides you want and they will be there.    We will always be on the end of a phone day or night to help you and answer any questions you may have.  See the brand new clarks tv add bottom right.

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We have done many TV shows, music videos and adverts, our latest is for clarks shoes.