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having supplied thousands of rides over our time we are proud when clients return to us year on year

How Does it work?

If you have the date, location and opening times then go to the quote page and fill in as much information as you can. Tell us about the event and we can make suggestions that will help you. Or you can call us to go through it, but we are busy and as much as we love to chat we have rides to set up so email or the form is always the best way and easier for us, that way we can sit down check availability and give you an accurate quote. Thank you

Childrens Rides

Cup & Saucer - Chair O Planes - Mini Carousel - Toyset - Swingboats and a large selection of inflatables.

Our Family/Adult Rides

Dodgems - Carousel - Helter Skelter - Miami Trip - Simulator - Twist - Waltzer - Big Wheel -

Paper Work

It goes without saying that any ride hired through us has been tested to ADIPS standard with electrical tests and is fully insured with between £5m and £10m Public Liability


Premier Rides

The UK most trusted supplier of Funfair & Amusement Rides, there are some items you can only get from us giving you a wider choice.