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Welcome to our website, if you are looking for a funfair ride to hire you have come to the right place, if you are looking for a ride to attend your event and charge the guests to ride its not what we do sorry.  You can hire a ride and you keep the money but we dont do public fairgrounds only private events.

Funfair in the evening
Big Wheel and dodgems ready

For 29 years in the Industry we have been hiring rides we have worked for most of the large companies from Amazon to Virgin and if we listed them here there would not be any room for any other information.

If you are looking to hire any funfair ride you have come to the right place, we have a large selection of rides.  Dodgems is the most popular followed by big wheels waltzers simulators and of course the lovely carousel.  Dodgems start at £2,600 + VAT for the day and long hours, location can effect the price.  Childrens Rides start at £595 + VAT and include Cup & Saucer, Chair O Planes and a Mini Carousel (£995) this is slightly higher due to the fact its an old ride and put together piece by piece, but it means it can go inside venues with tight access.  These rides are all ours. so you can come to us direct.

  We promise we will give you our usual best service and its why for 30 years clients come back to us year on year.

Every year at least 30 events are let down by rides that fail to arrive. Please don’t go for the cheapest you find and don’t pay upfront. . Read more 

Reliability is key

Special offer Hire the ride below for a one day event £2,000 + VAT