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I set Premier Rides up 20 years ago as I saw a big demand for rides to be hired for individual events, the only way to get them was from a local fairground as no one else supplied them.

When I set up the company, one of the things I had said was that I was going to be honest, I am aware this industry had a bad name, ive seen all the tricks, so if you wanted a big wheel and it was not available, I would tell you there and then, not take the booking and a tell you the day before its “broken” and then put in a different ride that I wanted you to have all the time.
I have heard all the excuses over the years, people calling me and asking for a ride as the ride they had booked had broken down, yet I know the ride they booked is open at another event.   Rides not turning up is very common is this business, it happens at least 25 -30  times a year that I know of, only because that is the amount of calls we get when someone gets let down.  I always get last minute requests from clients who have been let down, once we are booked we are booked, and I am proud to say we have not had a single problem with a ride not turning up at one of our events.  One of my competitors charged £5,000 for a set of dodgems and still let them down, we were able to help and saved them over £2,500

We have found to arrange rides in a professional manner with all the information needed for each job takes a lot of time so we concentrate solely on what we do best, supply entertainment to corporate events and thats all we do, and I’m told we do it very well.

Our prices are set at the start of each season, I often say we are like Mcdonalds, a burger is £2 and that is fixed not put the price up at short notice or because the client is famous or rich like others do.   One of my competitors is often heard to say, “How much do you want to pay?” I have even heard of people being charged extra on the day for power. There are a few places that list dodgems “from” £1,500 childrens rides “from” £150 you ask them when they can have it at that price.

In fact each year as our competitors continue to let people down I find more clients turn to us  and they stay with us.  If you look at most fairground suppliers on the web, why do they not put their address?  I had threats of Legal action from the Showmans Guild for making public their rules about claiming rights on events they attend .  I was happy for them to take legal action if I was wrong and as you can see the article is still on my site even though they have slightly changed their rules. See here
The people who work with us have done so for many years and do up to 30 events a year for us, so the standard is what we and you expect, in fact some of the younger showmen are working for us now like their parents did 15 yrs ago.

Ask for details of our discounted packages where we offer discounts for multiple ride bookings and sometimes FREE rides or FREE Stalls.
To make life easy with us there are no hidden charges all of our prices include EVERYTHING  – all delivery costs, setting up, operating yes that includes power and dismantle.  They may not include VAT but that will be stated either way.
You wont see prices on here as we price per event, there are many factors that effect the price, if you have a standard event up to 6 hours, no restrictions on access and departure then standard costs will be charged, however some events mean we have to set up the day before and run for 10 hours, for which there will be additional fees.
Although we work with many agents and you may see pictures of our rides featured and listed with a large number of agents throughout the UK, we also work with customers directly as long as we have not previously supplied the event through an agent.
It also may be worth remembering that in the summer you can contact us 24 hrs a day if you need to.

Phill Lucas Director Premier Rides Ltd  Updated March 2019

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