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Childrens Rides

Some children can use the bigger rides, as featured on our large rides page, some children can use the rides on their own some need to be accompanied, whilst the bigger rides are more expensive they have the bonus of catering for both children and adults.  if your event is just for children you have come to the right place.

Cup & Saucer
Cups with the new floor

These are the most popular children’s rides which cater for all ages of children.  The Cups and Saucers, Chair O Planes and Toyset are all trailer mounted rides and need to be driven into position.

The Traditional Children’s Carousel is built up by hand piece by piece and is very popular for more unusual or difficult venues or can go inside buildings or hotels, we have even built it in someone’s house.  The additional work involved in this ride is reflected in the hire cost.  We can do some great discounts if you add one of these rides to our Childrens Package, please ask for more details.

All rides come with their our staff to do all the work and power or can be run from normal household 240v.

Please note whilst we charge a flat fee to hire the rides, it is then your choice whether you offer them free of charge to your guests or  you make a small charge to raise money, this works well for schools and fund raising events. We do all the work you keep all the money.

Cup & Saucer

Cup & Saucers

This is a very popular ride, re painted in 2014 each cup spins as well as the platform,  as it goes around the operator will gently spin the cup and if you wish he will make it spin fast for those who want the excitement of a fast spin, or will not spin the cups of those who prefer not to

At 20ft diameter the 6 cups are capable of holding up to 4 children in each cup and we do allow adults to ride with younger children in certain cups making this the ideal all round ride.

Chair O Planes

This 26 ft children’s version of this popular ride is good fun, age group is a little higher as it can go quite fast compared to the others, so from 4yrs to 13yrs   Sometimes when the request is there we will allow smaller children on, but we slow the ride right down to accommodate this.  We have full control of this ride and can make it as fast or slow as the riders require.  It comes with yellow rails around it for safety and can be ready within the hour.



This 18ft diameter roundabout has a selection of toys on it, the children of 2 yrs to 11yrs love this ride as they like to go on the different toys making this a very popular ride.

It can be set up with 40 minutes and takes 30 minutes to dismantle.

Mini Carousel

Mini Carousel

This original children’s carousel  is 20ft in diameter.  It has 8 horses, 4 cockerels and 2 carriages  and is suitable for children from 2 to 10yrs approx. It does take longer to set up as it is built piece by piece.  However one of the advantages about this ride is that it can be carried into position, even through doors into large rooms or a back garden as long as we have prior notice.

Due to the extra work involved the price is slightly higher.

Our Brand New inflatable

Our brand new inflatable Helter Skelter this can go alone or part of our childrens Package.

childrens size swingboats

Childrens 4 bay swingboats

If you want value for money and a fantastic offer how about this??

We will give you 9 large items, all delivered, set up, operated and taken away for a silly low price would you believe us have a look at our Childrens Pack. click here to see more

Childrens pack

Childrens pack

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