Children’s Fairground Rides

Children are back at school, which is a sigh of relief for many parents. The kids themselves, however, might not be so pleased. If you’re organising a kids’ event, fairground rides are a guaranteed winner. With brightly coloured lights and candy floss, they also incite youngsters for the festive season. Scarily, it’s nearly that time of year again.

At Premier Rides, our children’s fairground rides are suitable for all age-groups. Our collection include all the popular classics, hired out at the most competitive rates.

From our Cups n’ Saucers to our Mini Carousel, every ride is kept in first class condition. For instance, last summer our Cups n’ Saucers were refurbished. Freshly painted and sparkling, they’re like real cups gone through the dishwasher!

Whether you’re event is for Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas, book soon to avoid disappointment. While we charge a flat fee for rides, you keep any additional money charged. Our children’s rides are therefore excellent for charity fundraisers.

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