Children’s Funfair Rides Sussex

Summer is in the air and there’s no better time to hold a funfair. Fantastically entertaining for children, teenagers and adults alike, funfairs are fun, colourful staples of the great British summer. Such rides can spice up any commercial event and make it extra special for everyone. They’re particularly evocative parts of any person’s childhood, bringing a tantalising mix of sound, colour and scents children remember forever.

The hiring of funfair rides might seem like a murky area. Simply hiring them off the back of a van guarantees neither reliability nor safety, and isn’t advisable for any event organisers. What you ultimately want are fun, safe and reliable rides from a supplier you can trust 100%. Nobody wants to let their attendees down at the last minute.

If you’re looking to hire children’s funfair rides in Sussex, simply head to Premier Rides. We have a history of providing a range of funfair rides to some of the best commercial events in the UK. This includes none other than Princess Beatrice’s birthday, the EastEnders Comic Relief version of Grease, and many other five star events. All our rides are offered at highly competitive, fixed rates for all our clients.

Our children’s ride include many classics, such as the Cups and Saucers, Chair O Planes, Toy set roundabout, mini carousal and various inflatable rides. For more information, take a look here.

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