Children’s Funfair Rides UK

For children, nothing is more exciting or evocative than a classic funfair ride. Colourful, musical, associated with sweet things and full of motion, funfairs stimulate every single one of a child’s senses.

Whatever events you may be hosting this summer, hiring children’s funfair rides are a guaranteed way to attract families. Parents love watching their children rotate on the Cups n’ Saucers, or ride by on a colourful carousal. For younger children like toddlers, such rides can often feel like a rite of passage. If you’re holding a school fete or fund raising event, it’s likely to be the most popular day of the summer.

Are you looking to hire children’s funfair rides in the UK? If so, no doubt you’re aware that this is a market beset with pitfalls. But when hiring such equipment, it’s absolutely vital it will be safe, reliable and arrive on time. For children’s funfair rides you can rely on, look no further than Premier Rides: one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

At Premier Rides, all our children’s rides come with our expert staff to do all the work. And in terms of technical specifics, their power can be run from normal household 240v. Whilst we charge a flat fee to hire rides, it is then your choice whether you offer them free of charge or you make a small charge to raise money. In short, we do all the work and you keep the money from guests.

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