Find a Waltzer Ride for Hire

The Waltzer is a staple of any great fairground. As a machine it has a long and colourful history. It first appeared in something approaching its modern form around 1930, when a man called Thomas Jackson developed an earlier design from the 1920s. The post-war years saw the arrival of the famous ‘Odean’ Waltzer, which was built in 1947 and is still transported about by the family.

If you want to find a Waltzer ride to hire, check out Premier Rides. When seeking any such ride, you want a guarantee it will be not only fun, but 100% safe. All rides hired out from Premier Rides are fully compliant with all health and safety standards. For added insurance, all rides are also tested by independent ADIPS certified inspector.

Our Waltzer remains one of our oldest rides, for the simple fact it’s so popular. With 10 cars seating up to 8 people, you’ll be able to fit plenty of people on each turn. Both a great money-maker and a dizzying amount of fun, why not check the Waltzer on our website. We have a number of brilliant adult rides to hire all of which can be seen here.

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