Find a Waltzer Ride for Hire

Waltzer rides are among the most thrilling fairground rides around. They feature 10 cars, each with room for several people. These cars rotate around a sloping course while spinning wildly.

Riding in a waltzer is an unforgettable experience. The dips and rises in the course give it a feeling something like a roller coaster, while the wild spinning generates remarkable centrifugal force that pushes you back against your seat. The world spins by in a blur on every side. Most riders end up screaming and grinning like fools at the same time.

It takes two lorries to transport a waltzer ride, and setup is a bit labor-intensive, so it has a higher-priced item. However, it can rapidly make up for the cost. Its immense popularity and high capacity will allow you to turn a sizable profit in no time.

You can find a waltzer ride for hire with Premier Rides, one of the most trusted and well-established fairground ride companies in the UK. We boast a stable business model, an actual physical office, and long office hours all year.

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