Find Fairground Waltzer Hire

The Waltzer is a staple of any great fairground. Suitable for many different age groups, it is fun, fast and gives a quick adrenaline kick for all those who seek it. After all, you only have to scream louder, if you want to go faster!

Popular on numerous different occasions, including family days and summer balls, it’s an excellent ride to have on offer in the warmer months ahead. Teenagers in particular have a penchant for this particular ride. Since they’re often the biggest draw for any fairground, a Waltzer is essential if you want your event to be a winner. Since you can also get a large number of guests on and off quickly, it’s also a great money-maker.

If you’re looking to hire a fairground Waltzer, you’ll want assurance it will be punctual, reliable and safe. Hiring such rides off the back of a lorry is rarely a viable option when considering these factors.

Why not head to Premier Rides? Our Waltzer is high quality, safe and extremely cost-effective compared to other suppliers. Established 20 years ago, we’ve been supplying rides of many different commercial events. Unlike many other suppliers, our service is 100% reliable.

For more information on our Waltzer, take a look here.

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