Fun Fair Rides Hire London

Looking to hire funfair rides in London?

With London property prices shooting through the roof, there might seem little to celebrate this summer. Why not raise people’s spirits, and spice up your event, with a good old fashioned funfair? Colourful, vibrant and fun, such rides are perfect for all the family. Children love the classic slower rides while teenagers will flock to the faster, rollicking types. And adults will inevitably end up accompanying both…

Summer is the best time for festivals and parties, all of which benefit from funfair rides. The hiring of funfair rides, however, can be a murky business. In an industry that is plagued by hidden charges and unreliable supplies, it’s hard to know where to look for ride-hire.

Whether it’s private or corporate event, simply head to Premier Rides. Established 20 years ago, Premier Rides supplies a number of different rides to events across the UK. In fact, we’re so reliable, we’ve often stepped in for people let down by other suppliers. Events we have supplied rides for include Princess Beatrice’s 25th birthday and the EastEnders’ Comic Relief version of Grease. Last year we supplied rides for a grand total of 183 events.

We are a supplier you can trust.

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