Fun Fair Rides Hire Sussex

Bring some colour and vitality to the summer, with a good old fashioned funfair. If you’re holding a festival, big birthday party or any outside event, funfair rides provide a bite-sized adrenaline kick for kids, teenagers and adults alike. Brightening up even the gloomiest weather, a multi-coloured ride defies the greyest, most disappointing summer, and makes a great day out for groups of family or friends.

Funfairs make summer evenings truly come alive, helping create atmosphere and instil a sense of energy to proceedings. With rides to suit every taste and level of bravery, they are excellent for raising money for charity events.

If you want to hire funfair rides in Sussex, simply give Premier Rides a ring. If you’re looking to raise money for charity, we only charge you to hire the rides; any money you charge to guests thereafter is yours to keep. Our fantastic range of rides includes a Big Wheel, Waltzer, Carousel, Simulator, Dodgems, Sky Dancer, Miami Trip, the Twist, Helter Skelter, White Knuckle ride, and more.

We also have a brilliant range of rides for children, including Tea Cups, Chair O Planes, Mini Carousel and Toy Set Roundabout.

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