Hire Funfair Simulator

One of the best things about funfairs is the quick adrenaline kick. If you have an event this summer and want a ride to bring it to life, consider Premier Rides’ flagship ride: the Simulator.

Incredibly, there is only 12 of these rides left in the UK. Although lots of companies might offer them, very few are actually in good condition (which is essential to your enjoyment!). This is usually down to either age or over-usage, or a mixture of both. Mobile simulators are excellent for any event because they mean a fresh ride every time, for every customer. With no monotony, customers are more likely to come back for several tries. This is brilliant if you’re raising money for charity.

Fortunately Premier Rides’ Simulator is only 11 years old, having been created in 2004. It is one of the last Venturer Simulators created by Thomson and has been freshly airbrushed following a promotion by Atari. We’re proud to say that, unlike some Simulators, it’s in tip-top condition! We clean and maintain the ride regularly to ensure it’s ready for any new event.

All the experiences/films used for the ride are on a new high resolution screen, with a high definition projector. With an additional 1000 watt sound system, it’s an experience not to be missed this summer.

To find out more about our Simulator, click here.

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