Where to Hire Children’s Fairground Rides

Fairgrounds have been around a long time, although in the 19th century, rides were obviously not powered by electricity and were a lot more limited. Dodgems for instance have been around since the 1920s, although the first ride of this kind appeared as early as 1913. Back then it was called ‘The Witching Waves’ and motion was provided by complex floor panels. Meanwhile the Waltzer, which has since become iconic, first appeared around 1933.

The weather this summer hasn’t been great so far, but that doesn’t mean your event should be a wash-out. Whether it’s a festival, fete or corporate event, hiring fairground rides will brighten up everyone’s summer. No matter the weather, a good ride will make the occasion a joyous one.

For children, fairground rides are the pinnacle of excitement. They love the colours and noise which surround them, and this love is usually carried on into adolescence. Indeed, all members of the family love a good fairground, and it’s something parent and child can do together.

If you’re searching where to hire children’s fairground rides, head to Premier Rides. We have a number of popular rides which cater for children, including the Chair O Planes, Cup n’ Saucers, a Toyset roundabout and much more.

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