Where to Hire Fairground Dodgems

Of all the classic rides, dodgems are some of the most famous and consistently popular. Otherwise known as ‘bumper cars’, they are often favoured by families and groups of friends. Although there’s no real race, there’s a competitive element to dodgems that often spars us on. Just be careful not to bump too hard!

Often popular with teens, the ride provides a chance to collide and crash, without causing any real harm.

Like many other fairground rides, dodgems first appeared in the US during the 1920s. Or 1919 to be more precise. Since then they have been hugely popular at British fairgrounds. However, there was also an earlier ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1913 with a similar concept. Known as the ‘Witching Waves’, it worked using a complex arrangement of shifting platforms.

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