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Peter Clark peter.clarke@********* Dec 2019 Bloody brilliant company. 

November 2019 Alistair Pike apike@**********.com this was my first time using Premier and it won’t be the last great team.

Matt Smith mattS@****************.com thank you for attending our fireworks for what seems like my lifetime, I know you did the event before my time here and Im sure you will continue to do it after Im gone, we raised a lot of money for our charity and the rides were a big part of that.  The wet ground did not stop you, the rain setting up didnt stop you either, im just so glad it didnt rain throughout the event and you did well to get out within an hour and miss the rain we had clearing up. see you in 2020

Ben Lee ben.lee@******************* October 2019

I am writing to thank you for the rides yesterday, i have to be honest I have used another supplier for my rides for the past 3 years and they were unable to attend this year so went with PR.  An easy company to deal with, great communication and all paperwork in order and emailed across nicely.  With Mandi in the office and easy to contact and the team on the road I had good communication before the event and on the arrival day, then during the event I never heard anything from them they just got on with what was asked of them and departed at the end of the event, I have to be honest next year I will use you again as you are so easy to deal with.

Thank you

Sophie Birrell sophieb@************* October 2019

please do not publish my email as I dont want spam, would just like to thank you for a great day, thank you to everyone who arrived set up and did the riders on the day great team

Teresa McGinley tg2233@************.com

September 2019 

We have used Premier Rides for about 5 years now and have never had an issue with them, I would like to thank Mandi and the team for all their hard work in what turned out to be a wet day

Maxine Rothchester max@***************

Thank you for doing our event the rides went down so well see you next time. 

Sept 2019

I have to say its the first time i’ve booked rides and I asked for 3 quotes from 3 different Companies, Premier Rides were the first to respond and I should have booked them there and then but I chose another Company as they were cheaper even though they took 10 days to respond.  Then the cheap price changed and I had my doubts so I rang PR who were still able to help.  The event came and went without any issues and the rides were first class and very helpful staff.  Thank you 

Sept 2019

Diane Hall

Thank you guys very good day and all went well

Aug 2019 

Steve Beckett

What can I say great planning, great staff, great rides and it hammered down all day but the ride staff did their bit and those who did use them it was a good day.  Cant help the British Weather

Aug 2019

Richard Hall

Thank you Premier Rides first time ive used you wont be the last apart from the weather it was a good day, see you in 2020

Aug 2019

In 2018 Premier Rides helped us out at the last minute due to a ride not fitting so this year we went straight to them and all was fine again, I will stick with Premier Rides from now on.

Imran i.*

Barbara Snelling


July 2019 

We were let down by our ride supplier and I phoned Premier Rides on Thursday and asked what they had left, I was lucky that they could do a few bits to help us out and  they did, not only did they do everything we asked,  our rodeo bull  arrived without power and the guys at Premier said he could plug into their generator.  I phone Mandi on Monday morning and already booked 2 rides for our event in 2020.  Thank you so much and please pass our gratitude to the guys on the day who were great with the children.


Kelly Anne St James School

email ***********************

date th July 2019

We only do this event every other year, im not sure how long we have used Premier Rides but Ive done 4 events and I know they were doing it before I joined the school.  2019 was slightly bigger than previous years and as before everything went well and PR were a big part of this.  Thank you guys and see you in 2 years.


June 2019

I do not do reviews but have to say I felt so sorry for your guys, it was raining so hard and they just started to build the dodgems and kept going, even when the roof was on they were still getting wet taking bits out of the lorry, then 2 guys arrived with the tea cups and without hesitation they started to work in the rain, even though they changed for the event it was still raining and just stood there soaked with a smile as the guests used the rides in between the showers, if that’s not dedication I am not sure what is.  A credit to your Company and even though this was a one off event I would say if anyone is looking to hire a ride Premier Rides will go all out to please you – well done team and thank you.  


we had a childrens ride booked through ************* and I rang them at 9am on the day to ask what time it would be there and they said they had not been booked for it, I know they were but I was stuck.  I rang Premier Rides and they said they had a ride in the yard but needed to see if they could arrange staff and said they would get back to me.  Within an hour and half of my phone call asking for help they were just coming through the gate and set it all up and were a big help, without them I would have been in a situation as we had promised a childrens ride.   Thank you Mandi and the team.


8th June 2019 

Premier Rides have been bringing their Chair-o-Plane to our School Summer Fair for over 10 years and are always prompt and reliable. The staff who run the ride are really friendly guys who are fantastic with the children. Would highly recommend them.

Andy@****.net June 2nd 2019 

Thank you to Dale and crew for running the dodgems. Squeezed into a very tight space and managed to pack down and be off-site within a short time frame. Loads of happy guests at the event.

Jason Trundle ************* School North London June 2019

Last year I gave a review on here about Premier Rides as I had been let down and they helped me out, this year I went direct to Premier and we had all we booked they were easy to deal with, great team and we had a sunny day – all in perfect.  Is the event on in 2020? yes,  will I book Premier Rides? without hesitation yes.


Mark Thompson mark@***********

May 2019

I cant pick out anyone one person you all make a good team, dealing with Mandi beforehand with her efficient supply of paperwork, to arrival times and the staff on the day running it all, we had the mini carousel that was beautiful the T cups and a set of dodgems and everyone did their part on the day to make it run so smoothly.  Thanks to the whole team.  

Stuart Coleman ************ School Berkshire

May 2019 

I am just writing to thank the whole team for attending our event again this year, I was trying to work out if this is 6 or 7 years we have had you here, either way we are grateful and thank you for making our event special.  Will see you again in 2020. Thank you

Peter Bonsall  peterb@*****

Hi Mandi I have never seen someone so cold work so well, your lads were freezing and have to say they just got on with it, Im sorry about the mix up the venue gave me the measurements and I messed up on the conversion which meant we had to put the ride outside.  They smiled and did all that was asked of them, I have to say you have a couple of good lads there, can you thank them for me.  We will be doing the event next year and I will be in touch nearer thank you and your team for making my life easier on this event.

Shirley Reed


I would like to thank Premier Rides for supplying the rides for our Christmas market and fair, 21 days in a row and in that time you get to know the ride operators well.   We had a few issues on site and many were resolved with the help of their staff.  Another supplier turned up without power, PR team said he could power off them, our main generator went down and the company who supplied it said they would have an engineer out later that day, PR team fixed it, someone was caught stealing and the police were called and the guy ran off into the arms of one of the stall holders and was held with the assistance of PR team until police took him away.  They were a genuinely nice team to work with always smiling despite some horrendous weather and i will use them again, thank you every one of you.

Janet Mall***

Dec 2018

Premier Rides every Christmas are amazing for our school Fair. The same guy (not sure of his name!) always goes out of his way to help set up lights and generally is great to deal with. They have been punctual and professional.

Siobhan Cumming src@***********

Dec 2018

I looked for quotes for this event and also spoke to Irvines and they sent all this glossy paperwork and i booked with them as they kept saying quality, but 3 days before the event they informed me they couldnt supply the rides I had booked but could do a cheaper alternative, their cheaper alternative was more expensive than Premier Rides so I contacted Premier Rides again and they were really good and out of principle i booked premier Rides.  I have to be honest all the talk I was given before I was really happy with Premier the rides were immaculate, the staff were smart and all polite and have no faults in them at all, I would recommend them to anyone and have learnt not to listen to the sales bull I was given before.  I have a summer event and I know I will be using Premier for my rides for sure.

Sue Jacobs Sue.Jacobs@****************

We had had problems at this event for years being a street fair, we are short of space and need to know what is going in, we have had showmans guild members do it for many years.  Due to the recent accident on rides over firework time, and the inflatable in the summer, (nothing to do with Premier Rides I will add, we wanted to change a few things and the showman was not happy, so we said we would hire the rides so they dont lose out, last year they gave us 20% which means they took 5 times that amount,  so I said we would pay them £390 per childrens ride which is 5 times what they gave us per ride but they wanted £900 per childrens ride, which was too expensive.  I contacted Premier Rides and got a quote from them and they asked £435 + VAT per childrens ride so I booked them.  Well the original showman did not like it and did everything he could to stop it, from threats to blockade the street with lorries to putting rights on the event with the Showmans Guild.   The event has happened for a long time and I know where we will go next year, Premier Rides are well organised, well presented and well staffed, thank you.

Lydia Graham Lydiag@***************

Thank you Mandi and team our Christmas fair went really well and your guys were great as previous years, see you next year.


Mandi was such a privilege to work with to make arranging a carousel, helterskelter and hook a duck as easy as possible. No other company could make the offer made by Mandi and her company, will be using again in the further and would 100% recommend to any wanting to use this company.

Dave Robertson dave@**********

October 2018

The Autumn school fete went really well and thank you Premier for your input the ride went down well as it always does, I think this was the 7th year you have done for us and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  We appreciate what you do for us and thank you

Mick ************* mbhib@mod**********

Sept 2018

Guys thank you we had 2 rides one put in by Premier rides one booked by another member of the team here and you could tell they were 2 different companies, Premier were professional, smart, clean equipment and kept to their equipment all night, the other company had dirty lads who kept coming into the marquee and taking food and drink, despite asking them not too.  I know where I will go next year.

David david@events********

Aug 2018

We had a dogem booked through another company but when he turned up he couldnt fit in where we wanted it, we rang round and found Premier Rides who provided us with a ride that would fit.  no one did a site visit to my site even though I said it was a tight location and im told I wont get my money back for the dodgems.

Imran i.*

Aug 2018

we booked the cups as well as 4 other rides but the day before mandi rang and said due to the rain did we want to swap for a ride with a roof and we did so even though it was a wet day the rides were still usable

Stacy Branagon stacybranagon@the***********.com

July 2018

Thank you thank you thank you to your team, your guys on the day and of course you Mandi everything went perfect.

Mathew *************

June 2018 RAF **********

I organised our annual Families Day this year and having been let down by another, less professional company, I approached Mandi at Premier Rides with less than a week’s notice to help me out. She could not have done more for me if she had tried, providing us with Dodgems and Teacups at an extremely reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them to others. Providing all of the necessary H&S documentation and certification, she made my life so much easier. Professional, reliable and friendly, I will definitely be using Premier Rides again! Thanks you Mandi.

Liam Kelly

Corporate Event July 2018

Thanks guys another year done and another happy client, hope it wasnt too hot for you but 12 moths ago we set up in rain – see you 2019

John ****** john@funfair***********

if premier rides cant help call me I have rides as well 07********

Fiona Willis Wedding

July 2018

Last September  2017 I booked Premier Rides Mini Carousel for our wedding, they sent all the paperwork and a contract and I put it all safe, they said they would contact me prior to the day so I wasnt too worried, unfortunately it wasnt that safe as I lost it.  I knew I had booked it but didnt know who with and like clockwork 10 days before they rang me to check when it could come in and it arrived and set up and made our day as the children loved it and it looked so nice as well, i have got some lovely pictures, thank you everybody so much

Jane Staines

July 2018 ************************** School summer fete.

We booked a cup and saucer from Premier and everything went well, we said we would power it but when they got there we had no access to the school hut to give them power, fortunately they came prepared and had a generator in their van which was really good as we needed to run our PA system which they did.

Peter *****************************

July 2018

Mandi at Premier Rides basically saved my wedding.
We had booked a Carousel and Dodgems through a different company, and although they had made a site visit, two days before my wedding, they told us the carousel could not fit. Mandi managed to sort us out 2 different rides, with only two days notice. Both turned exactly when she said they would, the kids loved them, and the men running the rides couldn’t have been more helpful. THANK YOU MANDI.

Peggy Kent ******************

July 2018

Ooh where do I start….
Fantastic from start to finish, polite, friendly staff who couldn’t do enough for our event.
Totally 5 star . Would deffo have again no hesitation.
Thank you.

Tom Corporate event Harrow July 2018

This must be the 9th year in a row Ive used Premier we have 9 big rides, 4 childrens rides, 5 stalls and a lot of inflatables all put in by PR.  Every year they are great to work with and help out and always ensure our event goes well, which is why I use them every year.

Sam Ste***** School

we also fell foul to Rides for hire we had 2 childrens rides 3 stalls and an inflatable and we got a set of bungee trampolines that he managed to book the night before, in the past we used Premier Rides but I did not know this and booked Rides for hire as they were cheaper.  I really wish I hadn’t and wont use them again.   sorry premier

Sarah Warren Brinsbu********************** June 2018

Further to my comment below I have tried to get my deposit back and am told I wont get it back,  can I just advise people to avoid Rides for hire, they are a rip off and I will never use them again.  Thank you Mandi for all your help and honesty we will come to Premier Rides for our 2019 event.

Sean Beales **************** school herts

To Premier Rides I must say a big thank you to your team for the rides over the weekend everyone did a great job and all went well thank you.

Jason Trundle ************* School North London June 2018

Why oh why didnt I listen when I was warned about the company rides for hire, they were due to bring some small rides to our school and didnt even have the decency to ring us to let us down we just got an email.  Thank you Premier Rides for ringing round we will definitely come to you next year.

Julian Montomerry Private party June 2018

First time i have ever booked a fairground ride and it was made easy by their office, i got everything I asked for and more and on the day they turned up when they should have and just got on with it.  We only had 3 rides and it was just simple, the dodgem guy I didnt even speak to, he arrived early in the morning and set up opened on time and ran and packed away and left so can you thank him for me.  sadly it was a one off party but I would recommend Premier Rides.

Fiona Mulagan *************** school summer fete

Thank you guys great day as always see you again next year 5 star

Sarah Warren Brinsbu********************** June 2018

I have to be honest we have messed up, we booked another company for this weekend as they were cheaper even though we were warned not too.  I paid a deposit and I thought all was well until I got a call on Thursday to say they were not coming.  Mandi at Premier Rides was an absolute angel and although we wanted dodgems she was fully booked with dodgems and gave us a choice of other rides we could have.  We have booked one of them which arrived this morning and now the other company has said I wont get my deposit back.   I will name them once I have been refunded – thank you Mandi xx

*************** Event Management Co

Well we used to use Premier Rides as a supplier then we switched to George Irvin as he said he could give us a better service, we used him for the past 3 years and we are paying more for the 3 rides than we did, and have just found out its exactly the same rides doing the event as used by Premier Rides.

Flt Sgt Mayfield ************** Family fun day

We booked 6 big rides 4 childrens rides and 7 inflatables for our family fun day on Sunday, all was set up and operated safely and had no issues,  another person from our office booked a rodeo bull and bungee run, they were late and turned up without power.  I would highly recommend Premier they are a good team

Name withheld ****** May 31st I have just had a call from Simon Readman from Rides for hire who advertises cheap rides and even though I was warned not to book with Simon I did and he has just let me down.  Premier Rides are helping but they cant supply the ride I wanted, its my fault and should have booked with Premier when it was available.

May 2018 Graham Lodsworth graham.**********************

Our bank holiday event was a great success and your help contributed to the day thank you and thank your team.  Will be back to you again soon.

May 2018 Jeus Yosiv London ************* School I booked Premier Rides for our school event yesterday 21/5/18 have to say I was really impressed we had 500 children and booked 3 items, it was busy but due to budget we could not have any other items.  The Manager from Premier was really safety conscious and kept an eye on everything as his staff were working away.  about half an hour into the event i knew we had not booked enough and mentioned to the Manager we could do with one other item, not a problem he said as he had another inflatable in the lorry and within 10 mins it was up and running.   It was a pleasure dealing with Mandi prior to the event all emails answered straight away, our school Managers were safety fussy and they supplied everything we needed.  I was not hounded for money prior to the event, they came they did it and departed – great teamwork thank you

May 2018 Simon Thorns S.thorn@************* **************** event West Midlands.  Thank you Premier Rides the simulator was fantastic.  I have to say to anyone thinking of booking this through them, I would highly recommend them, the simulator was presented in Excellent condition and I was the first person to go in during the set up, the seats were all polished, the floor was painted, so inside it looked like I was the first person to ever go inside it when in fact the ride is a few years old.  Both Philip and Mandi from Premier Rides worked the ride all evening and due to its popularity it ran over the agreed finish time, this was not an issue to them and they are a pleasure to work with – thank you so much and we will be back.

May 2018 James Furlong ************* School.  We had a set of dodgems from Premier Rides and 3 inflatables from a company 5 miles down the road, prior to the event I dealt with Mandi and found it so smooth with no demands and no hassle, the inflatable company demanded the world, they asked for payment and being a school I had to go through loops to get a cheque prior to the event, they emailed me a week before as they had not received the cheque and 4 days prior to the event threatened to pull out, on checking they had banked the cheque but were not aware.  On the day the dodgems arrived within 20 mins of the time they said they would be there, the inflatable company arrived an hour late, they said they had traffic issues in their van and yet a dodgem 4 times the size got in.  The dodgem set up with no hassle, and were ready, the inflatable company asked me where they were getting power from, they could use the building but did not have enough cables, had they told me they did not supply power I would have been ready.   The dodgems guys chipped in to help by supplying cables and let them run off their power.  Half an hour before the event finishes the inflatables start to pack away using the excuse the van had to be returned that night.  In all Premier Rides, easy to work with, always do as they say and come complete and ready to go and next year when I re-book I wont be using that local inflatable company.

May 2018 Have to say you are an easy company to deal with far better than the person I used last year, we will be back to you for 2019 – thank you

May 2018 James Cloud I thought I would write and thank you for putting your cups into my event last week, your lads were really good and was a pleasure to deal with you

April 2018 St Ives School Thank you for a great service

April  2018 Catherine Stroud *********************

This is the 12th year in a row Premier Rides has supplied rides to our school fete and this year was another success  thanks guys see you next year

December 2017

Thanks guys the tea cups went down really well, great staff, great ride, great day

Dec 2017

jenny Sullivan

*********** Garden Centre ****************

we hired a mini Carousel for the whole of December and 5 days in January and the staff arrived on time and were ready to go every day on time, they were polite smart and did you proud, they dismantled the ride and took it away on the last day and even cleared up any rubbish around them that had gone under the ride, very impressed and will use you again next year

November 2017

Mary Foulkes

Email **********************

I have to write to say a big thank you to Mandi and your team, we booked 3 childrens rides and we said they could use our power as we had a big generator, unfortunately my mistake as the big generator was really bad and kept stopping, your staff were not perplexed and went to the back of the lorry and took out a generator and ran the rides and we even ran our DJ on your power as well.  We offered to pay the staff for the generator but they wouldnt take it – they are a credit to you, thank you

October 2017

**************** Fireworks

great evening on the fireworks thank your staff for me, have to say a huge thank you for all your hard work

Date : Sept 2017

***************** Macadam Scool

email ******************


Thanks guys as ever great day great staff and ride set up all on time


email ******************

date Aug Bank holiday 25th – 28th 2017


I think this is our 7th year you have been coming and I have to say a big thank you to you and yourr team, everything went well the visitors enjoyed it and 42% have rebooked for next year which is a highest number that have booked whilst still there.  The feedback we have had is all good and we were full this year and Im sure we will be next year and I will be in touch with you in January when we have sorted our budget.  If you get anything new this winter please let me know and I will put it to the committee.  Thank you again and see you next August

email ************************
date  12th August 2017
review Thanks guys you were great and made the day extra special.
Gary Saunders
email *********************************
date  2nd August 2017
review When I first rang Premier Rides I spoke to a very pleasant lady, (Mandi Lucas) I asked for a price for a set of Cup & Saucers for a family 60th birthday party at a hotel, she was polite gave me all the information I needed and offered to email a quote and fact sheet, which she did within the hour, to compare I rang 2 other companies, the first the guy gave me a cost and was nearly double what Mandi quoted and was rude and said “if you want quality its what we do” then I rang another company and the guy was as abrupt as the last one, he quoted me £100 cheaper than Mandi and said “do you wanna book or not Im busy”  I did book it and asked for paperwork, I asked again and was sent an out of date insurance and despite chasing up to a week before I never got it, then he rang and said I had not paid and if I dont pay within the hour he was taking another job.  I explained I had no paperwork from him, no invoice, no in date insurance.  I rang Mandi and explained she said she knew of the company and they are well known to take money and let people down, I asked if hers was still available and it was so I booked it, she emailed all the in date paperwork I needed within the hour, a contract and an invoice to be paid within 14 days of the event.  All went well and I thank you for helping me out even though I had gone elsewhere.   The staff were very nice and the ride went down a storm.   It was a one off event and I have become wise to some tactics in that industry as I look back I could have either not had the ride at all and paid for it, or I could have paid nearly double the price for the same item.  Thank you Mandi and Andy and Dave the staff on the day.
Michelle Clover
email ***************************
date  30th July
review I am so sorry I know I have control over the weather but your staff were soaked on Sunday but kept a brave face and did not complain once, even though they were wet through they still cleaned up the rubbish around them after they had packed down, what a team you have tell them i’m sorry and see you again.
John Stag
email ***************************
date  2017
review We book Premier Rides for 6 events from May to July for our big events where we are open to the public and the rides are all free, we did it last year as well for the first time and it worked very well and the feedback we got was all good, I have to say working with them and our strict (over the top at times) H&S people it has been a pleasure to work with them.  I think i am experienced now as we have seen them 12 times in 2 years and each time the staff are all fantastic at what they do and how they can operate the rides whilst dealing with large numbers of people we have who all fight over the rides, they remain calm the whole time and deal with any issue thrown at them, even us changing rides to suit the weather.  Thank you guys and we will definitely see you in 2018.
Sarah Miles
email *********************
date July 2017
review Can you thank Phillip and David for bringing the simulator to our school prom it went down so well and the children really enjoyed it and it made the event special.  The fact they could go on so many different rides was a bonus, thank you we will see you next year.
first_name John Buckles
email ************************
date July 2017
review English weather – dont you love it.  I felt so sorry for the guys building the dodgems in T shirts and it was pouring with rain, they carried on regardless and built them up for us working round the difficult times we were given and was ready to go on time.  Im glad it stopped raining later.  please pass on our thanks your team work so hard.
first_name Stephen Wallace
email *************************
date 8th July 2017
review Thank you great day all went well
first_name Mike
email *****************************
date June 2017
review I was one of the stupid ones, I booked a ride with rides for hire because they were cheap and even though you warned me i still went ahead and booked with them.  I would just like to say a big thank you for helping us out at the last minute, I wish I had taken your advice from the start, even though we had paid him a deposit I am so pleased we had rides which was only due to your hard work.  we will come straight to you next time.  Thank you so much.


first_name Kelly Anne St James School
email ***********************
date 4th July 2017
review all went well again this year and you made a huge contribution to the event – great rides great staff great weather great event the children loved it
first_name James Stewtson
email **************************
date 25 June 2017
review Just want to say a big thanks to Mandi Phill and the team for helping out at short notice due to being let down, i will be back to you next year for sure.
first_name Katie
email **************************
date 17th June 2017
review Thanks guys you made our event special, will be back next year


Premier Rides have been coming to our fair now for several years and are always reliable, friendly and professional. The children love the rides and the staff are very helpful.


S*********** School Berks

Another successful event and you guys play a large part and as always it went down very well – thank you.


June 2017

We had booked funfair rides for hire and they let us down, even though we had paid a deposit.  Fortunately Premier Rides could help and we had our dodgems thanks guys.

first_name J***y T*****l
email ***********************
date 17th May 2017
review Another excellent ride hire from Premier Rides. We hired the Sky Dancer ride for our end of year ball and it was fantastic, the students’ were queuing to use it the entire night, and the staff were friendly end efficient. Will definitely look to hire from them again.

From Francis

Cambridge College Ball

June 2016

What a challenge wet ground, tight turns and a college that have more rules than i can handle and you dealt with them all thank you, it all went well and everyone had a great time.  after the hassle we had last year with Irvins we will be back to you – you’re so easy to deal with.

From Horsham Signs

June 2016

Thanks great bunch, great comms, great staff, and to top it all great rides – thank you

From Simon

College event Surrey

May 2016

Thank you Mandy, I had been dealing with Simon from Rides for Hire and even though he was rude to deal with, he gave me a good price,  then a week before he stopped answering my calls and messages, so I rang Mandy at Premier Rides and she was so helpful, she gave me a quote for all the items i needed and i said yes, within 24 hrs contracts were exchanged and the rides arrived when they should, set up without any hassle and the staff on the day were good.  this was all arranged in less than a week.  It was a pleasure and easy to work with you and will be back again next year, thank you so much.

From: Andrew

Subject: School Fayre

DateofEvent May 2016

Message Body:

We hired the Chair O Plane ride for our annual May Fayre this year. The two guys operating the ride arrived in very good time and set up efficiently and well ahead of the start time of the event.  We were really impressed with their professionalism throughout the day.  They had a strong sense of safety, but were also keen to make sure that the children enjoyed themselves too.  They had a really good manner with the children and clearly enjoyed their job. I think it is fair to say that the Chair O Plane ride was a big hit at the Fayre and made for a superb centre piece. I will definitely look forward to working with this company again.

From: Sarah

Subject: Race event

last weekend

Message Body:

Mandi I would just like to say thanks that was my last event for the company as im leaving to set up a similar business, thank you for making my last event go really well, you had difficult open times, difficult access, and horrible weather but your team did a great job. in my new job i will have a need for rides and will be in touch.


From: Tony Foster

Subject: Brighton Fireworks party

Sat 7th Nov

Message Body:

Thanks guys you did a great job, there was no way i thought in that rain you would work around the conditions, it rained all day during set up and it rained through packing away and even though you were cold and wet, you did a great job.  The feedback was good and we will do it again next year and it goes without saying you will be back.

I also have an event in May i will speak to you about in the new year

From: Rachael
Sept 2015
Message Body:
Used before: No
Use again: Yes
Recommend: Yes

We required a carousel for a short film project and Mandi was so accommodating from the start. She and her team are very knowledgeable about their rides and were able to advise us throughout our planning for the production.

When we ran into trouble finding a suitable location, Mandi was quick to suggest some places that may be able to help and we were lucky enough to film at the South of England Showground.

Mandi and her team was so helpful to us, and so kind and accommodating when our schedule and location kept changing.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with Funfair & Fairground Ride needs.


From: Steve Barrington

Subject: Summer Ball

Sat 12th September

Message Body:

I am really sorry I didn’t book with you in the first place, I admit I was caught by a certain showman who offered the world at a cheaper cost than you,  and yes you did warn me, fortunately we got 1 out of the 3 rides from him and you helped out with the other 2 and i thank you for that as you didn’t have to.

we will certainly come to you for our summer ball next year.

CFC Summer Ball Committee

From: Hannah

Subject: Party

Well we made a mistake and learned the hard way, we should have booked you for all the rides and not booked Irvines for the one other as that cost us dearly, we should have listened to you, to pay more for the same ride was silly, and should we do this event again we will book it all through you.

Message Body:

Hi Mandi,

I would like to thank you and your team for all your help in organising our tea cup ride for the Woodlands Infant School summer fair, held on 27th June.

Your efficiency and helpfulness was second to none and the man who arrived, set up and ran the tea cups was brilliant!

We will be recommending you to the Junior school and to many others.

We’ll be in touch again for next years fair!

Thank you again.

Best wishes


From: Joanna

Subject: 1st Aug

Message Body:

Hi Guys

Thanks again for the Astroglide it went down really well as it has for the past 4 years, its always good to get feedback and i would like to thank you and your team for helping make my life easy and the event special

From: Samantha

Subject: Woodlands school

June 2015

Message Body:

Hi Mandi,

I would like to thank you and your team for all your help in organising our tea cup ride for the Woodlands Infant School summer fair, held on 27th June.

Your efficiency and helpfulness was second to none and the man who arrived, set up and ran the tea cups was brilliant!

We will be recommending you to the Junior school and to many others.

We’ll be in touch again for next years fair!

Thank you again.

Best wishes


From: Mr Daniel Castle

Subject: Northwood Summer Ball

Sat 11th July

Message Body:

During the build up to our Summer Ball, we had booked another company which had to pull out at the last min, which as you could image left our event with a major issue.  However due to the great support from Premier Rides, they were able to proivde us a full Bumper Car set at very short notice and at a better cost! The service we recieved from the team that set up this rides was fantastic and the ride itself was in great condition and was used all night!  Northwood WO & SNCO Mess FULLY RECOMMENDS this company and will be using them again for future functions.  Thankyou

From: Richard <[your-email]>

Subject: [your-subject

[text DateofEvent]

Message Body:

Absolutley delivered, thank you. We were let down, again, by a funfair provider at the last minute and Mandi and the team came to the rescue. Great rides and great staff, thank you.

Sent: 7 July 2015 14:45

Subject: School Fete Horsham

From: Sally

Message Body:

Very good day made easier by your guys the 4th year in a row you have done this and you are so easy to deal with, Thank Andy for us and hope his head is not too sore after a day of screaming children, he works the cups so well for us.

Sent:  02 July 2015 08:02

Subject: Company Event

From: Susan Madison

Message Body:

I would just like to thank Phill and the team for the great work at our party on Saturday, the feedback we have had so far was that everyone had a good time.  I have to be honest i was a bit cautious about booking the Sky Dancer as im not aware of this ride and have to say at work today they are still showing videos on their phones taken on the ride.   I didnt go on it but those who did have big smiles on their faces. Thank you and we will be in contact for next year

Sent: 26 May 2015 11:25

Subject: Private party

From: Nick

Message Body:

Thank you Mandi and your team, they did a great job over the weekend even though i messed up on timings, your guys did not argue when i explained, i hope they were all fed well and looked after.  They did you proud, i know its not easy working in this industry but they looked clean, professional, and were polite to the guests, packed away after the event and left nothing but a few tracks.  what more could i ask, working with you and your team makes my job as an event organiser so much easier.

Subject: Oxford College Ball

sent: Monday  25th May

Thanks Guys, yes you were right the Sky Dancer went down a treat, I even went on it myself and yes it was good, I didnt think it would be but i had a great time i should have listened to you earlier.  Thanks for the rides and candy floss everyone had a good time, your staff are great and very helpful.  see you next year

Sent: 19 May 2015 14:39

Subject: our College Ball

From: Kyla

Message Body:

Further to my message to you before when you helped plan the event due to www.ridesforhire letting me down, I thought I would do a follow up after the event. what was interesting was even though i chased Simon Readman for paperwork and pictures and he said he would get it to me, he never did.  i said the event was on and never heard from him again, i did leave it thinking he would at some point contact me, but no.

Anyway i had 3 rides from you guys and from day 1 Premier Rides do what it says on the tin, i had all i needed before, i had an email saying arrival times and contact numbers in case i needed to contact them on the day, they arrived set up and ran without any issues they just did their job, i even took some beers over to thank them and they politely turned them down saying they were working but would have coffee, what a great bunch.  Thank you xx see you in 2016

Sent: 23 April 2015 10:43

Subject: Family fun Day

From: James

Message Body:

Having used Premier before it seem common sense to use them again and they did a great job, thanks Guys you were good as always even though the weather wasnt.

Sent: 26 March 2015 12:43

Subject: our College Ball

From: Kyla

Message Body:

I am really annoyed, originally I contacted to get a quote, spoke to a Simon his prices were worryingly low compared to the others but i booked as we are on a tight budget, I explained we needed to get a licence for the rides at the event and asked for paperwork. I found him rude, arrogant and very unhelpful. I chased for the paperwork inc insurance and H&S Certs but never got them only excuses.  I said he could send the expired ones and then the new ones when ready, he made more excuses, i asked for pictures of the rides were were getting, he said it had just been repainted and didn’t have any.  I have since found out he was booked to do another college last year and the rides did not turn up so we had a lucky escape.

I then contacted Mandi at Premier Rides I asked for a quote, it came in writing within 15 mins, i asked for pictures and got them immediately and had all the paperwork within the hour plus she helped dealing with the council direct. Within a further 2 days I had returned her contracts, had an invoice and paid the deposit.

Mandi thank you for helping without your help we would still be waiting for them to get back to us, interestingly ive still not heard from him (Simon)some 6 weeks later and now we will be able to have rides at at our event.

First_Name_only: Tony Alcock

County: Kent
Date_of_Event: 31st Dec 2014
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: No
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: Great bunch easy to deal with and on the day all good.  I was really pleased as someone left a car where the ride was to go and the guys did what they could to help, we got it moved late and they worked even harder to get ready in time, and even though they had less time it was all up and ready with no complaints from them they just worked with us so well. See you again next year happy new year
First_Name_only: Jeni
County: Hampshire
Date_of_Event: 29 Oct 2014
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: Friendly service from enquiry stage to the actual event.

First_Name_only: Jo
County: cheshire
Date_of_Event: Oct
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: Great service, Mandy was fantastic at organising the spinning t cups and carousel, would definitely use her again.
First_Name_only: Trevor Wilks
County: London
Date_of_Event: 13th Sept 2014
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: I stupidly did not book Premier Rides originally as I was persuaded by another showman to use them, I chased them for paperwork and pictures – did not get it.  The night before the event they rang to say the main item a children’s carousel  was not coming.  I rang Mandy at Premier at 7pm on the Friday,  she gave me a quote and instantly sent through all paperwork I needed so I booked her.  The team arrived the next day on time and  without any hassle they set up and operated in a professional manner and dressed appropriately.  The other company I asked to supply a “hand turned”  original childrens chair o planes, when it arrived the scruffy guy who operated it spent most of his time sat down and the ride was not going round.  When I asked why he said he was tired, I then watched him with a rope drag the ride round, it was not a hand turned ride at all it was a modern ride with a motor they just pushed it round all day.  Would I use them again? No – I would use Premier Rides every day of the week Thank you Mandy you saved my event.
First_Name_only: Sarah Bridling – Tesco distribution Centre
County: Hertford
Date_of_Event: 30 Aug 14
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: I booked Premier for our company funday and I must say dealing with Mandi was easy and a pleasure, on the day I booked another company to supply inflatables and they did not bring a generator as they said I didn’t book one, premier on the day powered everything for me and even when one of the inflatable companies blowers packed up Premier had a spare you saved me a lot of hassle guys thank you, I will be back next year.

First_Name_only: Brian
County: Sussex
Date_of_Event: 26/7/14
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: Thank you for making Weban Smith family fun day a huge success your team were great and the rides went down a treat.  We have no hesitation in booking you for 2015

First_Name_only: Jane
County: Somerset
Date_of_Event: 27/6/14
Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: Yes
Would_You_Use_Us_Again: Yes
Would_you_Recommend_us_: Yes
Comments: Mandi was amazing and went well beyond the call of duty!  We had been let down by another company at the last minute and her professionalism and dedication ensured that she found a replacement ride for us and we all had an amazing evening.  I would recommend this company without a shadow of a doubt.

IanCounty: HampshireDate_of_Event: 10/07/14Was_this_you_first_Event_with_us?: YesWould_You_Use_Us_Again: YesWould_you_Recommend_us_: YesComments: Booking was easy, quality was fantastic, visual impact awsome, price the best no one else came close, the staff – priceless and go the extra mile.Mandi and Philip plus your team thank you very much.Ian PEC of the Sgts Mess
Mirandi Scott
County: Hampshire
Date_of_Event: May 13
used_before: no
use_again: Yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: A week before my event I found out there is a fair down the road so the rides could not do my event, I was really angry and rang the showmans guild who confirmed this was the case and suggested I went to the person who has the fair down the road, what a stupid rule, I was given premier Rides number and they sorted 3 rides for my event.. thank you guys you were great

Andrew Alpine
County: London
Date_of_Event: July 2014
used_before: Yes
use_again: yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: Have used PR for many years wouldn’t go anywhere else, I used to use someone else and then found out I was paying over £1,500 more for the same set of dodgems, I know this because the same person brought the dodgems as the previous year.

Sarah Cox
County: Hertford
Date_of_Event: June 2014
used_before: No
use_again: Yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: I had another ride booked through another company who let me down 3 days before the event and after many calls Mandy helped me out and im really grateful, I will be back next year  Steve
County: Kent
Date_of_Event: June 2014
used_before: Yes
use_again: Yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: After looking around I had several quotes but I felt Mandi gave me the confidence that the rides would be there
Michael Alexandra
County: Berkshire
Date_of_Event: July 5th 2014
used_before: Yes
use_again: Yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: This is the 10th year you have supplied rides for this event and I thank you for making it easier each year, no hassle, no problems, all rides in first class condition and every year we have a good day for the staff.

Stuart from Pfizers Sandwich Kent
County: Kent
Date_of_Event: Nov
used_before: Yes
use_again: Yes
recommend: Yes
Comments: For 9 years you put rides in our fireworks event and sadly the site closed down due to politics and the event will no longer happen, it was great working with such an easy company and in my new role if I need rides I will certainly come to you, thanks Phill &and  team for making our event great

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