giant slide for hire


The astroglide slide is one of those traditional rides that are suitable for all ages, a 3yr old can go down on their parents lap or from 5 years upwards you can ride on your own.  We have a choice from 3 lanes all at different speeds.  At the bottom there is a large area of coconut matting so riders come to a safe stop.
Astroglide slide astroglide OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA











However if the event is for adults then we can polish all 3 lanes to ensure you come down at high speed, when the event is for families we have one lane for adults only, our staff will assist with the right lane for you

This is a large very visual item which is fun to watch as well as ride.
72ft long x 16ft wide when built up.
As far as prices go this is one of the easiest rides to set up and is one of the cheapest to hire

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