Dodgems for hire

Out of all the rides we hire Dodgems is the most popular, this is because of the amount of fun you can have on it.  Young children with an adult can drive these cars and as you get older and can reach the pedals you can drive yourself, ensuring you have the most out of this ride.

We have two different types of dodgems for hire, the traditional build up style and a modern fold up

Built up Type

These are the ones that  have been around for years.
The standard size track for these dodgems is 60ft x 40ft  after the control box and steps are added the overall footprint required is 80ft x 45ft, the track comes as standard with 16/17 cars, however there are some events or inside venues that require a smaller track so we can leave out the middle section to make the track size 42ft x 47ft.

This set is one of only three in the country that can be carried into place, so if you require the Dodgems inside and the door height does not allow us to drive through it, then we can unload the dodgem outside and carry it in piece by piece.  For this build we will require plenty of time and more staff so there will be an additional cost.

dodgems for hire
Build Up Dodgems

Fold up Dodgems

So a modern design was made and dodgems can now fold out of a trailer, it sounds easier but there is still work to do its just slightly easier so only needs 3 staff not 5, and it can be built quicker in 3 hours instead of 5, but it comes bigger on the road and needs more space but it gives you more space and more fun.

The size of the fold up is 85ft x 55ft plus steps, as the control box is built in it makes an overall foot print of 80ft x 60ft.

Being a bigger ride they come on a bigger lorry so access will need to be checked, if you are in any doubt unless we have been to the site on a previous occasion, please discuss this when booking.

Both our dodgems come with a standard 17 cars per track.

Dodgems for hire
Fold Up Dodgems