simulator and concorde
Simulator and Concorde




Our flagship ride – we are very proud of this Simulator, from the moment we drive on to the end of the last ride you cannot help but be impressed by this ride, its clean looks good and the ride is out of this world, where can you go on a roller coaster that takes off and flies before landing back on the rails every time.





IRushmoor-20110512-00376f you go on to many web sites you will find lots of people offering them, but the fact is that in the UK there are approximately 12 simulators left, and within this number there are good ones and there are bad ones, it’s mainly down to age and use.

Our unit s is one of the last Venturer Simulators to be made by Thomson’s in 2004 it was re airbrushed following a long promotion by Atari who used It to launch Roller Coaster Tycoon.  We put a lot of effort into maintaining its tip top condition, even down to storage as it is kept under cover all year round and heated in the winter. Before every event we spend hours preparing it for your guests so we can safely say that every guest comes out of our simulator as clean as they go in.  (Can our competitors say this?) I know this sounds extreme but even before leaving our yard every week the floor is spray painted, we replace our seats every two yrs (see pic below) and these are polished as is the whole unit.  A small tear in a seat will mean it absorbs water so when you sit on the sponge gives you a wet patch on your rear.

A mobile simulator is a great piece of entertainment at any event as the programmes are changeable making it a fresh ride every time this is changed.



All our experiences/films are on DVD, it also has a new high resolution screen and a high definition projector, with the 1000 watt sound system this is an experience is not to be missed.

Size:  55ft long x 18ft wide
During 2009 we were hired for a month in Portugal and as the machine would be working in such heat we upgraded the air conditioning, so now our machine is very cool in the summer and it has reverse air heating for use in the winter.

The software allows us to play each experience in two ways, soft and fast, this is how fast the capsule moves so we can also slow it down for the faint hearted or if the event has the young children who want to ride, but for adult only events hold tight.  We have a wide variety of films in our collection to suit all tastes, and as it is so easy to change experiences, we often show a few throughout the day.

We can also arrange for your own film to be made on any subject.  Of course there is a cost for this but if you take a film of any subject we can get it made into a 3 minute ride.

V14 Motion Simulator
V14 Motion Simulator


Something I hear a lot of people say is “oh cant go in there it makes me sick” yes they used to motion sickness is brain eye coordination if the brain cant see it clearly it doesnt like it and it makes you dizzy.  Ours has 2 air pipes so fresh air is always being pumped in thats the first key, the main one is the fact we are on DVD so the quality is clear so the eye can keep in focus the whole time.  In the 10 years ive owned this machine having it open for thousands of people who have gone it, I can honestly say not one person has been sick inside my simulator, and we have had a few people in there who are a bit worse for wear drink wise.


Simulators have come on over the past few years like all technology, the early SR2 was good in its time, then came the Super X and Astrojet again good in the 80’s early 90’s but they look and feel old now, there are a few still attending events and charging the same as we do so check which one you are getting. Then out came the Ventura the last ones made by Thomsons ( Now called Thailes who also make the pilot training simulators). So you see there is a difference when you book a simulator you want the best, and the latest.




These are some of the experiences we run inside the simulator

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