Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer all ready to go
Sky Dancer all ready to go May 2015
sky dancer fairground ride for hre
Sky Dancer July 2015

This ride is suitable for early teenagers upwards.  In fact anyone over a height of 4ft 6ins can go on this ride.
It is a new concept to the corporate world, and a redesign of the old Rock O Plane ride, its bit like a big wheel but where as on a wheel you sit facing forward, this ride you sit sideways.  That means from the event the riders can be seen and heard and from the ride you get a good view of the event all be it sometimes upside down.

at 15 meters high you get a really good view.

Someone on Saturday night said after going on this ride, “Thank you I really under estimated this ride it was fantastic”.


The down side is the noise, the riders constantly scream, sorry about that.






sky Dancer in Oxford May 23rd
All set for another round of entertainment at a May Ball Oxford May 23rd





Had a very good comment as someone got off the ride on Saturday, “looked fun was fun thank you.







This works well at night as you can see the thousands of lights, but during the day as the sun catches the cars it puts a lazer show on the grass an amazing site. if you watch the video below you will see the cars “Dance” as the ride goes round, some cars stay upside down and then spin, this is because the person in the car holds on a brake and then lets it go just as they go over the top, this causes the car to spin faster.







sky dancer paybox 1The unique feature of this ride is not only does the ride go round but the cars spin independently as well, however each car is fitted with a brake so the rider can decide if they want to spin or not, and if they do not then they simply apply the brake and it will not spin.  The fun really comes in because if you apply the brake when you are upside down you can do the whole ride upside down, but let go of the brake as the ride gets to the top and your car is going spin like mad, speed wise the whole ride goes around faster than a big wheel.


Sky Dancer at night
Sky Dancer at a firework event



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