For many years we have been saying to be aware of certain companies as their websites are offering rides “from” and stating a price please be aware of them,as they come up in the top 3 search engines I’ve seen dodgems advertised “from £1,500”  however most of the time they do not turn up, we know that for fact as we get the calls within a week of the event where they have been let down.  Unfortunately it is a very common practice, we get about 30 events a year who come to us for a quote but book cheaper elsewhere and then a high number of them come back to us within 2 weeks of their event as they have just been let down.  Please do your homework I have just done a search and located quite a few companies giving false addresses of their company claiming to be suppliers of rides for X years or stating they have many offices all over the UK but just having a mail address.  Its not right and should not be allowed, Premier Rides may not have been around hundreds of years like some “claim”  however Corporate Events were not around a hundred years ago and the fact their grandfather set up a local funfair on a village green holds no bearing on the quality ride you need today.