If you are looking for those cheap tacky popup type stall, we are sorry but we do not do do them, our Stalls are the traditional wooden round ones or metal framed side stalls and are 22ft diameter or 16ft and 22ft wide, they each take an hour to build, they dont popup.

Our stalls being bigger are better and more fun, more important the games are designed to win some great prizes.  The best game is froggit, there are only a couple of these left in UK  now, and are really good fun.  this is where you hit a launcher and it throws a frog in the air to hit its target.

Cork shooting 

This is totally adaptable dependent on your guests, The idea being we give your guests a chained gun and 3 corks and they shoot at the shelves containing the prizes everything they knock off they keep.  For children s events we put sweets and small games, cuddly toys for them to knock off the shelf, for adult events we use chocolates, cuddly toys, and bottles of champagne.  family days we put a selection of them all.

Coconut Shy

I don’t think this needs a description, but for those who really don’t know, we give you 3 wooden balls and the idea is to knock a fresh coconut of the peg, knock it off and its yours.

Ring over blocks

Very simple but fun, you throw a ring and if it goes right over the block you win all the contents of that block.


We have a drum and it has 6 cans sitting on it,  using a bean bag you need to knock all the cans over to win


Using a normal dart board and 3 darts the idea of the game is to score over or under 21


Coconut shy
Coconut shy









Cork Shooting
Cork Shooting









Our stalls were the backdrop of the cast of Eastenders for Children in Need last year.



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